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Daniel Tiger



{E} is getting to the age where she actually pays attention to what’s on the T.V. {bye-bye to watching what we want, when we want}.  So we’ve been trying to find a show that she likes and is not grating on an adult’s nerves.  We found Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on Netflix.  We LOVE it.  John said to me the other day, “You know, I’m learning about parenting from Daniel’s parents.” 🙂  That made me laugh.  But it’s totally true for me too.

Besides the obvious cuteness of Daniel Tiger, my favorite thing is the little jingles to help teach diversity, bedtime routines, expressing feelings, and more!  I wish I could memorize them all and use them when necessary.  I’ve started to just make up my own jingles but use similar words.  {Our most used one right now ♫ Stop! And Listen to Stay Safe! ♫}

We ended up buying {E} the Neighborhood Friends toys with the last of her birthday money.  She enjoys playing with them {and leaving them in the strangest places}.  But she REALLY loves to watch Mom & Dad play with them.

Let me know what other shows your young kiddos enjoy!

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