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60th Birthday Celebration

My Dad is turning 60 this month. I can’t believe it! Since Jr. High I’ve felt like my parents have consistently been 48. They don’t act or look “old” to me.

Pretty much every year we throw my Mom a birthday party {because she loves parties}. We never threw my Dad one because he isn’t a big party lover {ever heard the Every Party has a Pooper song? He’s had that sung to him many times}.

But last year he mentioned to my Mom that he wondered why she always got a party and he didn’t. Heartbreak!!! My sisters and I decided to make sure his next birthday would have an awesome party!

We decided to be sneaky and throw him a Surprise Birthday Party with our sweet Mom’s help.

The menu included his favorite food…Tour of Italy {lasagna, chicken parmesan, & alfredo ravioli}, stuffed mushrooms, green salad, garlic bread, and Italian Sodas. Dessert was coconut cake & chocolate cupcakes.

We decorated in his favorite color {purple} with accents of black, white, & silver.

Everything came together really well and the grandkids were beyond excited to surprise Grandpa!

He was very surprised and very grateful. It was a ton of fun!

{E} was looking so cute and was loving all of Grandma’s baby dolls!!

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