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I.H.O.P. Night

Yesterday was my turn to plan and execute the mutual activity for our sweet Young Women.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea {any idea centered around food is usually a good one!}.

We had an IHOP Night! An Important Hour Of Progress!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.10.45 AM

The girls had to bring their Personal Progress books as their meal ticket for the Pancake Buffet! I was SO happy with how many came and that they ALL brought their books. {Yay!}    Click here for the template of the invite. {When you preview you might not see all of the text, but when you download and it opens in Microsoft Word they will be there and you can edit}

Here was our setup. We had to be in the YW room because the cultural hall was being used by the other ward. I covered all the tables with butcher paper. On the serving table I quickly wrote out all of the toppings and then spread the crayons out on the other tables for the girls to draw pictures or play games while they ate.

While the other leaders flipped pancakes & the girls ate, I caught up on their progress with my master sheet.

By the time I was finished, so were they. We were ready to move onto our games!

The first one we played was a get to know you game for the girls to see how well they knew their leaders!  In the week before I asked all the leaders to answer these five questions:

  1. What extracurriculars did you do in High School?
  2. What was your favorite and least favorite subject in High School? Why?
  3. What is you most embarrassing moment?
  4. What are three of your hobbies?
  5. When did you first know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was true? How did you know?

I mixed up all of our answers and printed them out. Each leader read one answer to each question, but it wasn’t necessarily her own!!  {I did make sure that each leader read their answer for question 5 and told the girls they didn’t need to guess} The girls did pretty well at identifying the information about each leader.

After that we played Personal Progress Pros! {aka jeopardy with personal progress questions}  I came up with the five categories: Symbols, Experiences, Values, Miscellaneous, & Projects. Then searched the Personal Progress book for questions. If you want to download the basic template for my game, click here. I printed these and then glued cute scrapbook paper to the back and then {in true former teacher fashion} laminated them. The girls liked this game as well! We played in two teams, still sitting at the long table. Their opponent was the person sitting across from them. I sent a bell down the table and whoever rang first between the two girls got to answer first. If she was correct her team got the points, but if she was incorrect the other team got a chance to answer. I was impressed with how well they knew their Personal Progress stuff!

This activity is definitely a winner. We may have to make it a yearly thing {with different games of course}.


14 thoughts on “I.H.O.P. Night

  1. Were you able to sign off on any specific value from the activity itself or was the activity just to catch up with the girls on the progress they had completed on their own?


  2. Thank you so much for posting your set up for the PP Pros!! Last minute we’ve found ourselves planning our New Beginnings and wanted to do something like this with our YW & families. I really was not looking forward to creating one from scratch! THANK YOU!!!


  3. I love this idea and we are looking into it to do with our young women. If ya’ll started at 7, did you guys have time to eat pancakes, update records and play both games and end by 8:30. We are just afraid we wouldn’t have enough time to do both games. Thanks for the wonderful idea!


    1. We did start 7 and were done by 8:30 PM. I didn’t meet with each girl individually to update their progress. I took their book as they came in and just marked off any new experiences or projects they’d completed.

      So by the time they were done eating, I’d finished and handed all their books back to help them with Personal Progress Pros. I don’t know how many YW are in your program, but we had about 12-14 there that night. If you have more girls it may take longer. Good luck! I’m happy you’re using it!


  4. Totally going to use this for our upcoming PP night. Weird question- The picture you have of the chalk board…you have written on the top “Personal Progress Pro’s” but it is in black…is that black chalk? or is there special chalk markers that wont stain? It looks super cute. Thanks!


    1. I’m glad it will work for you Callie! Our ward building actually has gray whiteboards. I’ve never seen them before we moved to this building. So it’s actually a gray whiteboard with black expo marker.


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