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I taught school for about three years before we moved to our new little town and I had a baby. I remember April being awesome and very tiring. Awesome because we’d almost made it through the school year, my students had learned SO much, and we had a solid class relationship by then. Tiring because April is REVIEW MONTH for most students. When you try and go back over EVERYTHING you learned in the last year to prepare for end of year tests.

It’s no wonder that Teacher Appreciation day/week is held during April. Teachers need that extra boost of recognition to help them through the stress/excitement/exhaustion of getting 20+ students feeling confident and ready to show what they have learned with them.


As a former teacher, I received quite a few gifts from sweet students and their families. I would like to share the Top 10 Gifts we teachers REALLY love.

  1. A Personal Note.
Download Here

It meant a lot to me to know a parent/student took the time to write out a meaningful note that expressed WHAT they appreciated about me. It helped me to recognize some of my strengths as an educator too.

2. Gift Cards.


Even if it’s just $5, a gift card is always exciting! I know it can be hard to give “money”, but in most cases a teacher has spent their personal money on his/her students.

3. Treats.

Get This Here!

Teachers run on treats! Whether that’s chips & salsa in the faculty room or tootsie rolls at recess.

4. {Fun} Classroom Supplies.

Here’s a fun option from

Even though it’s near the end of the school year, classrooms often still need certain supplies for the next month and a half. But instead of adding to the tissues or clorox wipes stash, find something fun and useful! I LOVED having whiteboard markers that were different colors {schools usually supply only red, blue, green, and black}. Inkjoy pens made grading papers happier for me. Homemade magnets would be adorable. Special pencils for the class to use for the rest of the year. A cute jar to store classroom prizes {bonus if you put some prizes inside it!}.

5. Volunteer Time.


To many teachers, nothing shows appreciation more than TIME. At the end of the year, your time can go a long way. If a teacher needs extra time for one-on-one instruction, he/she will need a volunteer to help run the rest of the classroom. Don’t just offer to volunteer. SCHEDULE IT. I had a lot of parents e-mail or tell me in person they’d love to volunteer! But many times when I asked, they would say they were busy at that time. So tell your child’s teacher what days/times you can be there and communicate clearly with him/her about when you will volunteer. Most important, DON’T FORGET/BAIL!

6. {Cute} Reusable Cup.


Every teacher I knew had one of these AND used it! {BONUS – you can fill it with a treat. I got a colorful Jamba Juice reusable cup with a Jamba Juice gift card inside. I shed a tear!}

7. Personalized Item


Anything with the teacher’s name on it shows effort and appreciation. I received a decorated {H} wooden magnet, a decorated pencil cup that said Mrs. Hardman, and a small wreath for my door with an {H} on the inside. All so cute! If you want to buy something, check out Pick Your Plum or this week! They’ve had rulers, bags, stamps, and more that you can personalize.

8. Books {for class or home}.


All teachers love to read. I always wanted more books for my classroom. You could find a book or short series to supply to the class. If you know your child’s teacher’s personality well enough you could give him/her a book for his/her personal time.

9. {Nice} Hand Sanitizer.


One year I had a student who gave me a different scent of hand sanitizer every two months. It was the best year because my classroom didn’t have the dull acidic smell of the generic unscented hand sanitizer.

10. Whole Class Keepsake



The end of the last year I was teaching was emotional because I didn’t know when I would be back in the classroom & I was pregnant. So when my class presented a book filled with notes and drawings of their memories of their year with me, I lost it. I will keep it forever! Other ideas would be a picture of the whole class in a cute frame or as a magnet, a class party not planned by the teacher, a video of the class, or a small scrapbook.





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