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Mother’s Day Gift 2016

I really meant to take NICE pictures of the gift I planned for my Mom/Mother-in-law. But you know what happens when you procrastinate and have to give your gift early at the same time??

Anyway! I thought my idea this year was a really cute one and wanted to share.

We gave our sweet Moms a “Trip” to Hawaii!

We wish we could really send them to paradise {and go with them!}, but for now we gave them some of the sights, smells, and flavors of the islands.


I printed out a small hibiscus coloring page and had {E} color them. I glued those to a card and added some washi tape around the edges and wrote a Mother’s Day note on the back.

Here are the other items we included:

  • A cute and flowy shirt {not pictured – one was from Old Navy & one was from Sears}
  • A flameless lantern {from Target…I think I need one now}
  • Toasted Coconut Cashews {DELICIOUS! From Walmart}
  • Wallflower & 2 Scents {Honolulu Sun & Vanilla Beach Flower from Bath & Body Works}
  • A Pineapple
  • A Hawaii-looking flower {I got mine at Walmart}
  • CUTE bag and tissue paper {from Target}

I wanted to color palette to be bright and happy. One item did NOT fit that description so I did this little transformation with some cellophane and a ribbon.



Both Moms loved the gift and couldn’t wait to start enjoying their own little paradise.

This scent inspired the whole gift. I was gifted some soap in this scent at Christmas and I LOVE it.


The favorite item was probably the lantern. I really really want one myself!


Here it is all put together {flower and pineapple sat nearby…no room in the bag}. IMG_4952.jpg

This lighting is TERRIBLE. But oh well! The gift was a fun one to put together and give away.

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