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To My Miniature Mommy

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about my Mom, Mother-in-law, Grandmas, Sisters, Cousins, etc.

And then I started thinking about {E}.

It is very important to me that she understands that the greatest thing she can accomplish in this earthly life is being a mother. A loving and patient mother to sweet babies {my grand babies!!}.

I already see maternal traits in her. Like when she carries her baby dolls around the house, tries to feed them, hugs and kisses them, and even uses tissues to wipe their noses. Or when she will surprise John and me with leg hugs that come from nowhere!  And especially when she shows patience with her own parents who are still learning how to best respond and take care of her.

So here is a little letter to the Miniature Mommy in my care.

To my Sweet {E},

A lot of mothers dislike Mother’s Day. They see it as a day to focus on their shortcomings instead of their successes. Every single mother will have hard days. Like yesterday for me.

I had stayed up rocking you all night and then you wanted me to hold you all day. You wouldn’t eat what I prepared for you. You wouldn’t play with the toys I gave you. You wouldn’t giggle when I made funny faces. You wouldn’t listen to me when I asked you not to get in the dirty dishwasher. I lost my patience and yelled. You cried and then I cried.

I’m not blaming you for my hard day. We were both having a hard day. {I found out this morning that you were working on breaking two new teeth. OUCH!}

But it’s days like this that can make mothers feel poorly about themselves. Don’t let this happen to you my sweet. Take Grandma K.’s advice, “Keep trying every day.” Every day is a new opportunity to try to be better.

This morning we woke with happier faces and restored patience. You wanted to smell Mommy’s tulips from Dad and I wanted you to smell them too! Today we will start new and mark this as a good day for a good day.

{E}, Mother’s Day should be a day when we focus on the good days. Some of those days for me include: The days that you learned to walk or say “cocoa”. The day you were born!  The days you give countless kisses.  The day we played the piano for over an hour.  The day we walked around town collecting leaves.  The day you were blessed by your Daddy. The days when you were small and could sleep in my arms all day.  The day you met your cousins.  The days we draw with sidewalk chalk and blow bubbles.  The days that end with stories, songs, and snuggles.

Your little ones will be the greatest loves of your life. You can’t understand that love until it’s yours, but have faith and hope for that love. Know that this love is so pure and good that hard days can be erased, forgiven, and forgotten. It’s not easy, but it is possible. Jesus Christ helps us to know how.

I know you will be a wonderful mommy. I love you!


Your Mommy





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