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The Hungry Toddler

{E} has ALWAYS been a good eater. I remember nurses being surprised at how well she was nursing.  I remember when she was only 7 months old and had an eye for ALL food {including bacon}.




When we started her on rice cereal and pureed baby foods, she DOWNED them.  Any flavor at any time of the day. My baby was a FOODIE.


At her last doctor’s appointment, I was informed that {E} may become picky at meal times. She may refuse to eat foods she had once devoured gleefully. I nodded my head but silently thought, “Whatever! My girl loves to eat anything I give her!”

Karma came swiftly.

Over the past few days, {E} will eat the following and ONLY the following: cheese, oatmeal, rice, and any type of dessert/sweet.

I will give her green beans {a past hit} and she will slowly open her mouth and let them fall to the floor.  I will peel an orange {her FAVORITE fruit} and she’ll suck on the juice for a mere 4 seconds before tossing it aside. I will hand her a piece of bread {an internationally common food} and I will later find dried up pieces {a la Hansel & Gretel} all over the house.

What’s a mom to do??  The only thing I can think to do is to keep trying. Maybe she’ll forget she decided not to like vegetables anymore? We’ll try zucchini tonight.

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