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Feel Good Music

No one can deny there is power in music.

Music can evoke emotion, encourage action, and endlessly comfort.

A while ago I realized I was habitually turning on the TV in the morning.  I am pretty sure this habit started because of my nursing schedule with {E} when she was first born. She’d wake up around 2 AM and then around 4:30 AM pretty consistently. So to keep myself awake I would turn on different shows on Netflix or Hulu. As time went on she eventually slept through the night and now she wakes between 7:30 and 8:30 AM every day. But I STILL turn on the TV.

I started to notice our home getting messier and myself being grouchier.  I finally recognized the common factor was whether or not the TV had been on first thing in the morning or not.

So I tried to go without anything…but couldn’t handle the silence!  So I turned on our iTunes library. I found myself spending more time sifting through music than washing dishes or folding laundry. So I decided to create a “Feel Good Music” playlist. I put on songs I KNOW will help me feel positive and I know I won’t get sick of!

Here are some of the artists I included:

Mercy River

The Paper Kites

Mindy Gledhill

Ingrid Michaelson

Priscilla Ahn

Imagine Dragons

The Black Keys



Kelly Clarkson

Jack Johnson

Jose Gonzalez

Lennon & Maisy

So now I can turn it on and {E} and I can dance while getting things done and FEEL GOOD!


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