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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

We have been having quite a few rainstorms here in our little town. These are usually followed by BEAUTIFUL rainbows. See below:



I love them so much. Did you know that the rainbow is a sign of a covenant between God and His children? I remember when I learned this and it makes sighting them even more special.

After having so many rainbows, I decided to do some Rainbow Activities with {E}. Since she is still little and learning, I helped a lot and showed her the stuff I was doing. Here is what we did on our own Rainbow Day!

We Made a Rainbow!

We made a rainbow in our laundry room {darkest part of the house} using a flashlight, masking tape, a glass of water, a can of gatorade, and a white piece of paper.

If you want to try it:

  • Cover almost the entire face of the flashlight with masking tape.
  • Fill a clear glass with water.
  • Set the water on top of a large can.
  • Place the white paper to one side of the can.
  • Shine the covered flashlight through the water from the opposite side of where the paper is.

It may take a bit for your rainbow to appear but it will be there!

We Painted a Rainbow!

{E} did some finger painting, with NO mess! I used the paint to make a rainbow on a piece of card stock. Then I put the card stock inside a gallon size ziploc bag, closed it up, and let her go to town! She enjoyed it for about…..30 seconds. Then she wanted to be done.

We Drew Chalk Rainbows!

So we went outside and I made a fun rainbow while she scribbled all over the driveway. Then we talked about different colored things and I drew a few of those {red apples, green snakes, purple flowers, etc.}.


The only thing that was missing from our day was a REAL rainbow and rainbow fruit skewers.



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