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Splat Mat

A few weeks ago I saw a DIY project that seemed like it was created for me!

Over at Lolly Jane, I found this Splat Mat created by Lydia from Telefante.


A splat mat is is a tool to save your floor from the wet, the sticky, the crumby, and the gooey particles that fall from your toddler’s plate/hands. {E} has become kind of a picky eater lately and will just drop things to the side that she doesn’t want to eat. Even when she’s eating things she loves {like rice} she will lose some to the floor.

Evidence here.


This mess was made in ONE day {with some extra stuck on stuff from the previous week}.

So I decided to actually make something that I saw on the Internet {instead of just admiring it and then forgetting about it}.

I wasn’t able to find the exact fabric that Telefante suggested. I ended up with Babyville Boutique Waterproof Laminate fabric. Knowing that it is used to make reusable diapers, I thought, “Then it must be able to resist baby-mangled food!”

The sewing process was quite easy {it’s just a rectangle!}.


The first time I used it, {E} didn’t spill that much so I just had to shake the minimal shrapnel into the garbage can.

The next day we had spaghetti. I flipped it to the pink side {to better hide any red sauce stains}. That time I had to wipe it down which was still pretty simple.

My material can be washed in the washing machine with no problem, so I think I’ll just throw it in once a week/as needed.


When she’s not eating, I fold it up and put it in our dishrag drawer.

If you have a small one that has a love of throwing food to the floor, you need one of these too!!


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