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{30 Things} Day 3

{30 Things} My Sweet Children Should Know About Me

Day 3 – Describe your relationship with your spouse.


First of all, my spouse is John Hardman. He is the most kind, thoughtful, handsome, strong, faithful, and hilarious man I’ve ever met!

Our relationship is very meaningful and important to us. We were each other’s first kiss, first real love. This in itself, I think, has made us more connected and much stronger as a couple and as friends.

We trust each other COMPLETELY! So many times in our relationship we’ve said something like, “You are the ONLY person I could _____ around and still feel comfortable!” That blank has been filled with things like: “cry like a baby” “burp/fart/vomit” “laugh like a crazy person” “be in the nude” “fall on my face” “be totally lazy” “eat like calories don’t count” “BE MYSELF”.

We love to LAUGH. John has always made it a point that he wants to make me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY. And so far, he’s succeeding! Sometimes we laugh at jokes we tell, impressions we make, movies we quote, silly mistakes we make, funny faces we pull, or memories we share. Laughter is  a big part of our relationship.

Our relationship has a business side. As adults, there are responsibilities that need to be done every day {going to work, raising babies, taking out the garbage, making dinner, etc.}. We never sat down and explicitly signed out jobs that should be done by the same person. Instead, we agreed to work together on completing all of our responsibilities. We work to be aware of each other and what he/she can and cannot accomplish. And then we serve and help. Sometimes we have to have a “meeting” and make things more clear for one another {“If you are changing a diaper and you can’t fit it in the diaper genie, would you PLEASE take it out to the trash?”} but we always work to have happy feelings.

We rely on the scriptures, the Holy Ghost, and our Savior daily. Being married and having a  successful relationship can be hard at times. People are weak and John and I are no exception. However, to combat these weaknesses and find strength in forgiveness and patience, we look to our Heavenly Father and His plan for us. This includes tools to help guide us in our mortality to become more like Him. We use these tools to not just help us individually, but to strengthen and repair our relationship all the time. My favorite conversations with John include things of eternal nature and significance. It gives me a glimpse into what our eternal lives will look like, and that brings me more joy than I can express.


I love my relationship with my sweetheart. There is no one I’d rather call my best friend and spouse.


{30 Things} Day 2

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