Faith · Family

Memorial Day

Every holiday makes me miss my family.

When Dad H drove away this weekend after helping us put in our sprinkling system, I started to bawl. Partly from exhaustion and partly from relief that we were finished. But mostly because I was sad to have his presence leave.

I often feel like part of our big “town family”. But when my REAL family visits, our little town feels so lonely and far away. I hate to see my loved ones go away.

I can’t imagine having them go away forever, like many families of valiant soldiers experience. The bravery of those who fight for our country is incomparable. But close to it is the bravery of their loved ones. Having the courage and faith to see a mother/father/aunt/uncle/cousin/sibling/friend leave with the startlingly possibility that they may never meet again in this earthly life, is indescribable.

So on this Memorial Day {while I’m missing my family} I’ll be thinking of not only the soldiers, but their families and praying that they’ll find some comfort.


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