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#yardadventure2016 progress

We have been working tirelessly on our yard for the past two months. And when I say “we”, I mean JOHN, me {a little}, and a bunch of our neighbors!  We have been so lucky to have such kind and charitable neighbors who are willing to give of their time/strength/means to help us in finishing our yard.




Last weekend we made HUGE progress thanks to John and his Dad. In less than 30 hours of total work time, they installed our entire sprinkling system!  I told them that if it wasn’t such hard work, they should start their own business! {They didn’t like that idea}





We had a few bumps along the way but it got done! {E} kept us smiling with her insistence that she help by laying in the dirt and showing us every rock she could find.



The only things left now are to level everything {again}, lay sod, and finish the flowerbeds {what I’m most looking forward to!}.

We’ve learned this week more of the hardships of being a homeowner! It’s a lot of work, but the payoff is much sweeter as well.

With a visit from a parent comes PRESENTS! We couldn’t believe all of the fun stuff both sets of parents {and some Aunts & Uncles} sent down to us!




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