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The Great British Baking Show Challenge

When Food & TV come together, I’m in heaven.

I remember pretending to have my own cooking show when I was younger {sometimes I still do!} and even asking Santa Clause to bring me “those little clear bowls to hold measured ingredients”. That’s how serious my love is for cooking shows.


Around November of last year, I stumbled upon a baking show on Netflix. It was called “The Great British Baking Show”. I fell in love. In love with the BAKING. BRITISH HUMOR. CONTESTANTS. PASSION. JUDGES. HOSTS. UNIQUE RECIPES. GINGHAM ALTAR. PASTEL KITCHENAID MIXERS. BRITISH FLAG BUNTING. DISPLAYS. FOOD.

Since then I’ve watched the entire season….3 or 4 times.

As I started watching it again last week, I thought to myself, “I’d really like to try some of these really fun and different recipes.” So I started to take notes. I wrote down what the contestants made in each episode and any tips from the judges about making it just right. Then I went through and chose one recipe from each episode that I really wanted to try to make {and eat}.

Since there are 12 episodes, it should take me the whole summer to get them all done if I do one recipe a week. How fun! A summer of desserts and treats that I’ve never really made. There is certain to be some burnt bumbles and some scrumptious successes as I take on The Great British Baking Show Challenge.

Follow along with me and maybe you will want to try it too! If you do, comment here with your attempts! I want to see!

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