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Summer Personal Progress

Teenage girls always seem to be busy in our little town {even during the summer}.  BUT summer is a great time to work Personal Progress! Especially because some experiences span 3 months {how perfect!}.

I shared this with the YW in my ward to try and help motivate them to get some Personal Progress done during their break from school!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.14.29 AM


Prayerfully decide on one or two that will help you the most.

Faith #7 – Some of you have summer jobs {babysitting/lawn care/waitressing/etc.} or will be earning money some other way. “The Lord has commanded us to pay tithing.” Read some scriptures about tithing, pay tithing on what you earn for 3 months, and journal about your experience!

Divine Nature #3 – You’ll be around family a lot more now that you’re not at school. Use this time to strengthen your relationship with one or more family members by writing notes of encouragement or verbally expressing your love.

Divine Nature #5 – Work on being more obedient to your parents and do what you’re expected to do WITHOUT being asked! This will help you understand the divine roles of mothers and fathers.

Individual Worth #6 – Some of you have set up your own account to start Family History work! Summer is a good time to work on it and you’ll probably be visiting other relatives this summer to talk with and learn even more about your family history!

Knowledge #7 – Use some of your summer to sharpen up your first aid, safety, sanitation, and survival skills {while camping, traveling, or at home}.

Choice & Accountability #7 – Again, you may be earning some money this summer! Use this experience to help you set up a realistic budget and follow it for 3 months! Then journal about your experience.

Good Works #7 – Pray for a missionary experience as you spend time with friends and family near and far.

Integrity #4 – Spend some extra one-on-one time with your Mom or Grandma this summer and interview her about Integrity.


If you want to download this small poster, go here! This is free for PERSONAL USE. If you do use it, please link back to me!

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