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Week in the City

Last week John had a week’s worth of work meetings in a nearby city. {E} and I tagged along so that while he was improving as an educator for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we could go play!

The fun things we did included:

Walking the Temple Grounds!



Playing at the Park!

Driving around looking at Beautiful Houses!

Eating! {Lots of unhealthy stuff!}


Visiting the Local Children’s Museum!

Hanging at the Hotel!

Playing at the Splash Pad!

It was a fun and HOT weekend. I said “hot” so many times that {E} picked it up herself! Although she just goes, “Haaa-Haaa”. It’s adorable.

Doing all of this fun stuff with {E} made me realize how big she has gotten! It was complete bliss to watch her explore, laugh, and discover new things. It makes me want to do more with her to help her to grow.

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