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Hope for a Better World

We don’t check social media on Sundays.

I was deeply saddened and confused when I found out Monday morning about the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. 50 innocent lives lost and countless others affected.

The state of our society truly concerns me.  Sometimes I feel that the stories of murder, rape, theft, abuse, and unkindness are suffocating all hope for a better world.  I think about how scary it will be for {E} to grow up in this wicked world.  And I start to spiral into thoughts of despair.

I came across a quote that renewed my spirit.


I don’t understand how so much hate and evil can reside in a child of God.  I don’t understand how someone can make the decision to take someone else’s life.  I don’t understand why we all have to suffer in these mists of darkness.

What I do understand is the love of my Savior for not just me and my family but for EVERYONE.  He suffered and died for EVERYONE.  As I exercise my faith in Him, I will come to understand. And until I do, I can find comfort in His Atonement and an eternal perspective. You can too.

Read “Strengthened by the Atonement of Jesus Christ” by Elder Dallin H. Oaks.

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