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{30 Things} Day 7

{30 Things} My Sweet Children Should Know About Me

Day 7 – What is your dream job, and why?


I honestly and truly feel like I HAVE my dream job.  I have always wanted to be a Stay-at-Home Mother.

When I was in High School my dream job was to be an Elementary School Teacher {which I was for about 3 years}. Being a teacher was my dream job then because I loved children and I loved learning. As I received my education my passion for helping children to learn grew immensely. I loved seeing “the light come on” for an individual or classroom full of students. I also loved that teachers got the summers off {kind of} and that the work hours were good {8-4 and no work on weekends!}.

But in the back of my mind I always had the dream of staying home with my own babies and being their 24/7 teacher.  My Mom worked while I was growing up. I feel like there are a lot of pros and cons that come with two working parents, and those can often be the same thing. For example, my siblings and I became more independent and self-sufficient because we often had to problem solve and do things while both our parents were working. That’s a good thing, but it also makes it REALLY hard for me to rely on others to do things. My dream was that my children would always have me as their home base. They wouldn’t wonder, “Will Mom be home when I get there?” “What time will Mom get home from work?” Or think, “I wish I had my Mom.” I remember thinking those things ALL the time. I truly appreciate my Mom working so hard and teaching me about good work ethic, but sometimes I wonder how our relationship might be different if I’d had her presence more constantly in daily life.

So my dream job is to take care of my children and home. By keeping my home a clean, happy, safe, and spirit-filled place.  My dream job is to teach my children basic skills, how to recognize the Holy Ghost, to be independent, and to fulfill their potential. My dream job is to help my children feel joy, endure sadness, banish fear, enjoy excitement, and seek knowledge. My dream job is to be a loving mother. This is my dream job because it is what I am meant to be.


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