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Today John will be coming home from our Stake Youth Conference. This year the youth of ours and surrounding wards traveled to Wyoming to participate in a sort of reenactment of the journey west made by Mormon Pioneers in the late 1800s. We call this, “Trek”.

I went on Trek when I was 17 {John was actually on that trek too! Funny, huh?}. I remember LOVING it.  Well, I didn’t love the physical aspect so much {walking & pushing/pulling a handcart between 5 and 14 miles a day} but I did love the spiritual side of it. I had learned a lot of pioneer stories, but to be walking where they walked and hearing more about their stories {the tragic and miraculous} brought me to tears daily.

So I’ve been talking it up to all the Young Women {I didn’t go because I have my sweet {E} to take care of} and praying for them to have a meaningful experience. I started to worry that their trust in me would wane if they don’t have a good time.

Then on Sunday we watched the movie “17 Miracles” and all those worries disappeared. I was sobbing by the end because:

  1. The pioneers were AMAZING. Their faith and desire to do God’s will is inspiring and remarkable.
  2. I realized John was leaving me to go walk, and walk, and walk, aaaaaaand walk.
  3. I imagined myself in their place with my own little family. I imagined the horror that would be having my sweet little one die along the way and not even being able to bury her.
  4. God is good. Those that suffered and/or died did so with “their faces towards Zion” and I know that God welcomed them into His loving arms and blessed their loved ones.

One really cool thing that our stake did was have each young man and woman use to find a relative that was in one of the handcart companies and then walk for them! I love this idea. It makes it even more personal and special.

I can’t wait to hear all their stories and feel of their testimonies of this experience.

And I can’t wait to hug and kiss my sweetheart again!

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