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Beauty of Family

We got home around 2 AM today. I was exhausted.

But as I fell into bed, I had to say a prayer to my Heavenly Father thanking Him for my family.

I am always in awe of how generous, patient, and loving my family is to me, John, and {E}. They feed us and make sure our sheets are clean.  They stay up late to talk to us and spend their free time playing with {E}.  They buy gifts and necessities even though I ask them not to.  They make each day happy and fun.  I’m sure my parents {on both sides} often get frustrated and want their space back to themselves, but they never let it show.

But that is the beauty of a family.  Yes we may annoy or frustrate one another, but the amount of love there dissipates any bad feelings.

I usually don’t have any upset feelings when visiting family now because my gratitude completely overwhelms me.

I’m happy to be home….but I also can’t wait to go back.


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