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Our Mini Vacation

As John was getting ready for Trek, I kept thinking how lonely {E} and I would be at home without him for nearly a whole week. This would be the LONGEST amount of time we’d spent apart.  So we talked and I decided that {E} and I would go spend some time with family while he was gone and then I’d pick him up to join us for the rest of the weekend.

The drive up wasn’t too bad. Except that {E} was right behind me so I spent the last hour of the drive tossing pieces of whole wheat tortilla to her and singing a myriad of her favorite songs.

We were very happy that we had no car troubles and that Grandma & Grandpa K were waiting for us when we got there!

We had a wonderful time and it helped distract me from how much I missed my sweetheart.  Some of the things we did included: going to the Dinosaur Park, visiting the local Splash Pad, going to the movies, swimming at Grandma & Grandpa H’s pool with cousins, shopping with Grandma K, watching movies, buying yard equipment, going to church, and celebrating Father’s Day!  We kept busy having lots of fun!



{E} took the middle photo of Grandpa!

IMG_5956This picture should be used as a public announcement for ALL mothers…                                “DO NOT TAKE A TODDLER TO THE MOVIES…EVER.”

I was sad to leave, but was also ready to go home. We love our special visits with our family.

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