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We got home from another mini vacation today.  For Christmas, Mom & Dad H gave us all season tickets to the Tuachan Theater and our first play was this weekend!


I LOVE Tuachan.  It is the coolest theater I’ve been to.  I love how the red rock encompasses everything and the productions are always fun!


We saw Tarzan. Whenever I think of Tarzan in any realm other than the Disney Movie, I think of this scene form 30 Rock.


If you don’t know it, you won’t get it…but overall it’s not a great feeling towards it.

I LOVED Kala, Jane, & Kerchak.  Tarzan….eh.  He had a really nice voice and they painted him to look VERY muscular. But his acting was so-so.  He played the part very immature and feminine.  Not two words I would use to describe someone who grew up as an ape.

Also it got too windy for the actors to use the trapezes. BUMMER! It took a lot away from the show.

Overall it was fun just because we got to go.  I missed my sweet {E} so very much.  This was her first time with babysitters that weren’t immediate family.  But she did well.  She made them watch Daniel Tiger the whole 3 hours we were gone.

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