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Summer is Over…

I was SO happy about summer starting and getting underway that I truly forgot about my blog.  I know it sounds impossible and when I think of it, I say to myself, “Surely you thought about updating it at some point…?”  And then I realize, we were just so busy that my mind was focused elsewhere from sun up to well past sun down.  So now that summer is over, John is back in the classroom with his awesome students, and {E} and I are getting back to the normal routine…I’m back at the whole blog thing again!

July and August were wonderful summer months that we squished tons of fun activities into and enjoyed wringing them dry {up until 3 days before school started}.

We did things like:

LAY SOD {with the help of our wonderful parents and amazing neighbors}!



Celebrate Independence Day!

Go to the Zoo!


Visited Grandma’s Framing Store!


Went to my Brother’s Wedding!


Visited the Cedar City LDS Temple Construction Site!


Celebrated John’s Birthday!


Went to Lake Powell & Bear Lake! {These are the only photos I took of both trips!}IMG_1698.jpgIMG_6307.jpgIMG_6308.jpg

{E} started going to Nursery at church!


AND LOTS OF OTHER STUFF!  I’m sad to say goodbye to summer, but I’m also excited for a more predictable schedule and the cool fall air {my favorite season!}.

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