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I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus

At the beginning of each school year John and I choose a family theme to help guide and direct our pursuits during our busiest days. In years past we have chosen:

“What Thinks Christ of Me?” and “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”

We started this tradition when John started teaching Seminary.  I know this will help not only us but our children as well {no matter if they’re in school or not}.

This year, the idea for our family theme came to me while singing {E} to sleep a few weeks ago.  I have a usual lineup of songs that she enjoys, but one night none of them were working!  So I started to think of Primary songs I knew all the words to, and I came up with this one.


We had our back to school feast of roast, mashed potatoes, zucchini, fresh baked rolls, and corn on the cob.

Then we discussed how we would try to be more like Jesus for the next year.

John – No distractions during scripture study : no games or social media in the morning : serve family more

Natalie – Think of the question “What Would Jesus Do if He had My Responsibilities?” and then do what the Holy Ghost guides me to do : be more kind to everyone : study my scriptures consistently

{E} – Be kind : share : be soft & gentle

I love how much each of us have already improved!  I pray that we will continue on and see more of the Savior in each of us and our home with each passing day.

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