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{30 Things} Day 11

{30 Things} My Sweet Children Should Know About Me

Day 11 – Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

This photo has nothing to do with this post.  It’s just cute!
  1. HAIR.  Not beautiful locks that can be styled or twisted around your finger.  I don’t even mind my sweetheart’s chest hair.  However, if any hair becomes detached from the body and is found on the floor, in the sink, or {heaven forbid} ON ME, it’s a different story.  I DO NOT LIKE IT!
  2. Open cabinets/drawers.  I inherited this one from my Mom.  I don’t like them being open when not in use because it makes the whole space feel MESSY.
  3. Being Inconsiderate.  Whether it’s me {I really try not to be!}, my family, a friend, or a stranger…I can’t handle people not thinking of others.
  5. Lumped Gifts.  With my birthday being close to Christmas, I often would receive a “Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas!” gift.  Curse that slash.  You don’t have to get me a birthday gift and a Christmas gift, but don’t tell me it’s for both…because my birthday and Christmas are not the same thing.
  6. Name calling.  I used to do this when I was younger {5 siblings…yeah things got heated}.  But I really don’t like mean names being thrown around like it’s nothing.  {The one exception is Nerd…but I think of it as a term of endearment while teasing}
  8. Cleaning the bathroom.  I feel like it gets dirty IMMEDIATELY.  Why bother??? 😉
  9. Foul language.  So not necessary.
  10. No follow through.  It drives me batty when someone tells me they’re going to do something and for no good reason it doesn’t get done. It also drives me crazy when I do this {especially with housework}.

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