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Big Haircut

Since John and I got married, his Mom would always cut his hair.  When we lived up north it wasn’t a big deal…he’d go over early on a Saturday morning while I slept in and then he’d come home looking all clean cut and handsome again!

When we moved…the haircut system got a little trickier.  We had to PLAN haircuts {why pay for them??}.  Whenever we went to visit was a chance to have his haircut.

Well…school was going to start, John’s hair was SUPER long/shaggy, and we weren’t going up again anytime soon. EEK! So I got brave and said, “Maybe I could cut your hair…..?”  John is so easy going and said, “Sure!”

So we headed to TJ Maxx and bought a hair cutting kit.  We got all setup and I said a silent prayer in my heart that I wouldn’t make him look like a total buffoon.

I’d never even held hair clippers before this.  I was really timid at first.  So much so that John reached back there to show me how to use them.  About halfway through I thought, “Let’s just DO this!”  I kind of just started cutting {kind of like Edward Scissorhands…shhh don’t tell John!}. But when all was said and done, it turned out pretty great for my first time!


Hopefully this isn’t beginner’s luck!

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