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Personal “Progress”ive Dinner

I actually had an original, creative idea!  This does not happen often {and someone probably already thought of it…but I didn’t get it from anywhere except my own brain, yay!}.

For Young Women’s I came up with the idea to have a Personal “Progress”ive Dinner!  Get it?  Personal Progress + Progressive Dinner = Personal “Progress”ive Dinner!

Unfortunately the rest of the YW leaders weren’t able to host part of the meal at their homes {usually how progressive dinners go} so we moved from room to room at the church.  And no one was really able to help me set up…so I didn’t get to take all the pictures I wanted since I was running around so much.  Bummer.

To make it more personal progress-y, we did a value experience at each course!

We started in the YW Room for Appetizers and Individual Worth #7.  We ate yummy fruit kebabs and pizza rolls.  We read one set of scriptures and talked about how important it is to recognize our own gifts and how they help us contribute to others and the church.  I made a card for the girls/leaders to write down positive qualities of each young woman.  These cards went in their journals where they wrote down how they can further develop these gifts and use them to serve their families.




Then we moved to half of the Cultural Hall for Dinner and Individual Worth #4!  We ate Whipped Cream Potatoes, Homemade Chicken Nuggets w/ sauces, and a veggie tray. We read D&C 88:119 and talked about how we can start preparing now to make our home more like the temple.


The girls ate up almost all the food while they filled out this printable I made up to help them plan for their future.  I included some fun things {“One thing I hope my husband will always do…” “One thing I hope my children will never do…”} and some things to help them really focus on how important the roles of wife & mother are.  It was fun to talk to them and hear what they put down.Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.19.57 AMThen we moved to the other half of the Cultural Hall for Dessert and Faith #2.  We had brownie/raspberry/white chocolate pudding parfaits. Y-U-M!  We read about the mothers of the 2,000 Stripling Warriors in Alma {from the Book of Mormon} and had a discussion about how we can develop the qualities necessary to help our own children be just as faithful as those young men.

It was a wonderful night! I wish I had gotten more photos {especially ones with the girls}. I did get this one…IMG_6468.jpg

John helped me SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!  I told him numerous times, “I’m sorry I’m so crazy.”  He responded with, “You’re not crazy.”  “You put your heart into everything you do.”  “It’s a fun opportunity for you to show your creativity.”  “I’m happy to help.” And finally, “It’s ok.” Haha!  My sweet {E} was so patient with me and I’m glad not every day is like this.

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