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Cedar | Breaks

My Mom & Dad surprised us with a special trip down here to visit us!  They brought {E} a bunch of Minnie Mouse stuff {cue {E} saying “Mou! Mou!”} and the cutest dress ever!  They even brought me some new Halloween decor {I can NEVER have enough} and John some Peanut Butter M&Ms. Thanks again Mom & Dad!

We ate some yummy pizza before playing with all the “Mou!” toys and watching the first 3/4 of “Sword in the Stone”.  Then {E} was ready for bed.  We stayed up to talk for a while which I LOVED!  I miss getting to talk to my Mom without any pressure of having to get somewhere or do something.

The next morning we had french toast with strawberries and cream.  {E} basically had cream. Haha!  Then we all packed an overnight bag because we were headed to Cedar City for a mini getaway!


We went to the national monument Cedar Breaks.  I don’t know why it took us SO long to get there…it’s BEAUTIFUL!  We loved every minute.  I especially loved seeing sweet {E} discover more of nature.  Especially the flowers and chipmunks.

Within the first few hours {E} was calling my Mom “Gram” and my Dad “Pa”.  Made my heart melt!  We took a walk with Parker the Park Ranger {I’m not totally convinced that’s her real name…}, drove around and stopped at each lookout, & had a picnic.  Best part of the picnic was when {E} was walking around and came up to me with two baby carrots in her hands.  I asked my Mom, “Umm did you bring carrots?”  She said, “No.”  And I promptly snatched the leftover veggies from the last picnickers and tossed them in the trees.  Ew!

The rest of the night was spent searching for a good place to eat {why is that always so hard??}, watching Daniel Tiger on Pa’s Kindle AND Gram’s iPad, and the adults playing Rook.  It was great!


The next morning we relaxed, ate breakfast, packed up, and then headed to a park to play a little before heading home.


It was a wonderful weekend.  As my parents drove away, I naturally began to cry.  I love the little town I live in, but part of my heart always longs to be closer to family.

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