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{30 Things} Day 14

{30 Things} My Sweet Children Should Know About Me

Day 14 – Describe 5 weaknesses & 5 strengths you have.


1. FOOD.  I really really like to eat yummy food.  And it’s not really good for me.

2. TARGET.  I’m a frugal girl and I NEVER make impulse buys…unless I’m at Target.  When their Dollar Spot started carrying crafty items/decor, I knew my wallet was in trouble!

3. NAIL BITING.  I can’t remember when I really started biting my nails…I think in Junior High.  But I CANNOT kick the habit.  I usually “nibble” {as John lovingly calls it…ha!} when I’m TIRED, STRESSED, or WORRIED.

4. ANGER.  I think of myself as a patient person.  However, if I get pushed past my limit…I get ANGRY.  Like scream angry.  Unfortunately this has happened around my sweet {E} and I then sob over the guilt from losing my temper.  Thankfully this doesn’t happen often, I just wish it wouldn’t happen at all.

5. CONTROL FREAK.  I really like to be in control of anything and everything I’m able to.  I have a hard time trusting in others to fulfill their promises/commitments.  The one person I don’t have this issue with is John {thank goodness}.



1. LISTENING.  I really enjoy listening to others and hearing their point of views.  I’m comfortable in that role and I try to be truly thoughtful in my response to what they say/ask.

2. TESTIMONY.  I am a true believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  His example, Atonement, Resurrection, and love are truths that I will never let go.

3. PIANO.  I am not a concert pianist by any means, but I am a confident piano player.  I feel comfortable sight reading and knowing that I can help bring a certain spirit through music.

4. LEARNING.  If there is something I am truly interested in or feel is important to know, I will work hard to learn and understand it.

5. TEACHING.  I love to share what I know and can often find ways to help others understand what I’ve learned.

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