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{30 Things} Day 15

{30 Things} My Sweet Children Should Know About Me

Day 15 – Describe when you knew your spouse was the one.

I think deep in my heart, I knew John was “the one” before we even had our first date.  But there were a few key moments that helped me to be absolutely sure he and I were meant to spend forever together.


Holding Hands & Listening

“Do you have a hair straightener we can borrow?”  I got this text from a friend one night in late February.  I responded, “Yeah…why?”  A couple of my friends were watching a Jazz game at John Hardman’s house and wanted to straighten out his curly hair.  I thought it was super weird, but I wasn’t doing anything else so I said, “I’ll be over in a minute.”


The rest of this night was spent thinking that my two girlfriends were crazy and funny and that John Hardman was funny and kind of cute {even though he was wearing sweats and a dingy t-shirt and definitely needed a hair cut}.  After the Jazz game ended, one of my friends suggested we all watch a movie {The Count of Monte Cristo}.  At some point, John Hardman and I high-fived after agreeing that Jim Caviezel was most handsome at the end of the movie…but after the high five, he held onto my hand!  WHAT??  At first I thought, “I don’t even know you!” And then I thought, “Is he wanting to hold MY hand?” And finally I thought, “Whatever.  I probably won’t ever see him again.  It’s just holding hands for a little while.”

About a week later, I saw John Hardman again.  I was out with a bunch of friends getting ice cream and he showed up with a few of his own friends.  I was a bit embarrassed over the hand holding thing and thought, “I’ll just pretend it never happened.”  I was surprised when John Hardman sat down across from me and asked to try some of my ice cream.  He then asked me, “How did your science lesson go this week? I remember you saying you were worried about it.”  I was in shock.  I think my mouth truly fell open.  No boy had ever shown this kind of interest in ME.  I said, “How did you know that?”  He said, “You were telling Chelsea about it that night you came over to my house.”  I couldn’t even remember talking about it that night…and yet he remembered…and he thought to ask me about it!  Right then, I knew this John Hardman might just be “the one”.


First Date & First Kiss

A month after our first meeting, John Hardman asked me out on an actual date.  He called me on the phone!  He said, “Hey Natalie, are you doing anything on the 26th?”  It was really happening!  As soon as we had decided that the 26th would be a great day to go to dinner and a Jazz game, I got nervous.  I always got nervous before dates.  But this nervousness was different.  I was nervous-EXCITED.  I couldn’t wait for him to come pick me up.  I couldn’t wait to talk to him face to face.  I couldn’t wait to go to a Jazz game for free. haha!

When he knocked on my front door I nearly ran to answer it myself.  I was a little let down when we got in the car and he said we were going to dinner with his brother and sister-in-law.  {I wanted some one-on-one time with him…I didn’t want the pressure of meeting new people. Especially his family!}  But then he told me we were going to have sushi and all was forgiven. Dinner was delicious and John Hardman would gently brush my knee every once in a while which made me smile and blush.

On the car ride to the game, John Hardman started talking about his LDS mission to Romania while the soft rain danced on the window shield.  As I listened and saw how much passion and joy he exuded I thought in my mind, “I just might marry this man.”

Only 6 days and two dates later, John Hardman and I shared our first kiss.  I had never kissed anyone before {and I later found out neither had he!}.  We had spent the evening in Salt Lake eating at The Blue Lemon and going to another Jazz game.  On the drive home our conversation was meaningful and fun.  I loved watching the dashboard lights illuminate the crinkle of his eyes every time he laughed. We pulled into my parents’ driveway, walked hand in hand to the doorstep, and I stepped up onto the porch so our 1 foot height difference evened out.  I hugged him fiercely.  I wanted to kiss him…but I honestly had no idea how to go about it. I started to lean away from our hug, but he kept his face close to mine.  Our first kiss was so fast and short that I wasn’t quite sure it had happened!  As soon as it was over, I was hugging him again.  We said good night.  I went inside and thought, “I am so marrying that man.”

cruse 278.jpg


Patience & Prayers

As John Hardman and I continued to court, I would often think that he was the one.  I wanted to marry him as quickly as possible.  I suggested we marry in August, just before we both started another semester of college.  John Hardman was in less of a hurry.  He thought we should wait until the next spring.  What?? But I love you and you love me and I am so OVER the whole saying goodbye to each other at the end of the day.  We talked about it a lot, and finally decided {with Heavenly Father’s help} that waiting would be better overall.

However, as we got closer and closer to actually being engaged I started to doubt that I should get married at all.  Any disagreement we had made me feel like he wasn’t the one I was supposed to marry.  Especially because a lot of our arguments centered over “his family” or “my family”.  We had a hard time accepting and balancing time spent with each other’s families.  I would often think, “It shouldn’t be this hard!”  And then came the thought that John Hardman wasn’t “the one” for me.  When these doubts came, I went to my Heavenly Father in prayer and asked, “Should I marry John Hardman?”  I was so overcome with the Holy Ghost and a revelatory answer of “Yes.” that I was brought to tears.  I asked this question a few more times when I really felt like our marriage wouldn’t work.  But every time I prayed, I would get a feeling of, “I’ve already answered that.”  My continued prayers helped me to know that John Hardman was “the one”.  And he still is my one and only love.  I married that man.



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