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DIY Halloween Countdown Decor

We are coming up on my favorite holiday…HALLOWEEN!  I love the cute, spooky, and festive side of Halloween.  Horror movies seriously scare me {I hide my eyes during PREVIEWS} so all of that kind of stuff is not allowed at my house.

The past couple years I’ve tried to enjoy the Halloween season even more by celebrating in some way – every day – in the month of October.  Some things we do are on a bigger scale, and some are more relaxed.

Last weekend while at Target, I found this cute pumpkin chalkboard sign.  John actually suggested we get it to write our Halloween activity on each day.  Great idea!  I took it home for $3 and with an oil based Sharpie pen, made it look a little more special.



Do you do anything fun for Halloween?  I always love to add *bonus activities* to celebrate this fun holiday!  Comment them below!

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