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Hardman Halloween Countdown

There are only 4 days until October is here!  October is by far my favorite month.

Fall is here to stay // the color orange is everywhere // crisp and fragrant air surrounds // sweaters sweaters sweaters // it is appropriate to be excited about Halloween

Like I said last week, I try and celebrate Halloween a little bit every day during October.  Here is our list of activities for Halloween 2016: {if you decide to do some of them too, comment with your blog address // instagram profile so I can see!}

1 – Make a Halloween Craft

2 – Make Halloween Cookies with Grandma

3 – FHE*: Read from October Issue of the Friend

4 – Attend the Ward Chili Cookoff

5 – Play “Would You Rather?” Halloween Edition

6 – Play Roll a Pumpkin

7 – Watch “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”

8 – Read Halloween Books

9 – Make Caramel Apples

10 – FHE: BOO the Neighbors

11 – Watch “Hotel Transylvania”

12 – Go on a Halloween Hunt

13 – Drink Hot Chocolate & Tell Scary Stories

14 – Play Flashlight Hide and Seek

15 – Paint Pumpkins

16 – Make “Meal in a Pumpkin”

17 – FHE: Lesson on the Holy Ghost

18 – Watch Halloween Shows on Netflix

19 – Finish Costumes

20 – Watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

21 – Listen and Dance to Halloween Music

22 – Mummy’s Bed & Breakfast

23 – Make Halloween Graffiti

24 – FHE: Leaf Finding

25 – Visit a Pumpkin Patch

26 – Carve Pumpkins

27 – Halloween Dinner!

28 – Kimber Halloween Party

29 – Hardman Halloween Party

30 – Make Pumpkin Muffins at Grandma’s House

31 – Watch Hocus Pocus and Hand out Candy to Trick-or-Treaters

Come back to see how everything goes or you can follow me on Instagram {my profile is in the sidebar}.  Here’s to a fun month of celebrating!

IMG_3350.JPGThis is last year’s list of events {most of them are the same} and my cute baby!  It will be so fun to see her enjoy all of these activities even more.

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