{30 Things} Day 16

{30 Things} My Sweet Children Should Know About Me

Day 16 – What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?


1 – Becoming a Mother.  Carrying and birthing sweet {E} was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done: physically//emotionally//mentally.  When I knew she and I were both healthy and safe after an emergency c-section, I could finally calm down and recognize what an amazing thing I’d just done.

I can’t find any of my graduation photos…so here is one I took of the Education building {aka where I spent A LOT of time}.

2 – Graduating from college, summa cum laude.  A lot of people might think an Education degree should be easy to get all As in.  It’s not.  Especially at the end when you are student teaching but still required to write papers//take quizzes//reflect reflect reflect//go to night classes//etc.  So when I graduated with a 3.9 GPA, it felt GOOD!


3 – Learning to play the piano.  Another thing that may seem “easy”… but more and more I see fewer people knowing how to play the piano.  Part of this accomplishment comes from my practicing and love of music, but most of it comes from my Mom & Dad paying for lessons//making sure I went to my lessons//buying me my own beautiful piano//encouraging me to play.

Me as Mrs. Frizzle for Halloween

4 – Teaching and learning.  The 2-3 years I spent as a teacher in an elementary school classroom were some of the most draining and most rewarding years I think I’ll have in my life.  Seeing children learn and grow because of something I did was amazing.  It also taught me to NEVER stop learning and growing because that improvement is a continual accomplishment.


5 – Marrying my sweetheart in the temple.  Keeping myself morally clean and working to live righteously for 20+ years resulted in the greatest blessing of my life.  Being able to be sealed to my wonderful Johnny in the temple and knowing that our future children would be sealed to us as well is the BEST thing I’ve ever accomplished.

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