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20 Months

I can’t believe {E} is 20 Months old!  Where is the time going??

Some of my favorite things she is doing right now include:

// repeating everything we ask her to {and sometimes don’t ask}.

// that she’s tall enough to climb up onto chairs & she claps every time she “did it!”.

// how much she loves to play the “pano”.

// her ability to only clean up if you sing the Daniel Tiger cleanup song.

// when she says, “thank you” clearly and without prompting.

// asking for another “song!”.

// talking about “Daniel!” “Toots” “Pince” “Kat” and “Oooooo!”

// her complete adoration for CHEESE.

// how she prays to “Dear Fop”.

// when she calls “Gram” and “Pa” on the phone.

// dumping out all of our sidewalk chalk.

// how she thinks every crayon is “Geeeeeen!”.

// that she says “OK!” before reading any story {mimicking me!}.

// wanting to sing songs all day long {Popcorn Popping/Itsy Bitsy Spider/Mary Had a Little Lamb/Daniel Tiger songs/Shake Your Booty/Head Shoulders Knees & Toes}

// that she always tells me to “Look!”

I love to see the world through her beautiful eyes.  She sees things so simply and that reminds me to do likewise.  I can’t believe this curly haired, dimpled face baby is mine.

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