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Girls’ Weekend

A few weeks ago I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the laundry, sticky finger prints on EVERY door, and making dinner {every single night}.  I needed a girl’s weekend in the worst way.  I called my sweet Mom and asked if {E} and I could come stay with them for a few nights without my honey {sorry Johnny, no boys allowed}.  She said yes of course and I started to get my sisters & sisters-in-law on board!

After coming up with a probably a MILLION ideas of things we could do, I came up with a few options {but secretly I just wanted to hang out and TALK}.

The first thing we did was exchange recipes.  I know my Mom was getting tired of getting this text every other month: “Can I get your rice pilaf recipe again?  I’ve misplaced it…again.”  They were all excited to get this recipe from me {really from Paul Hollywood}. {E} got to play with cousins while my hand cramped up from writing down ingredients for Coconut Custard and a homemade Pesto.  I got to talk with the wonderful women in my family and fill my bucket.  I realized at the end of the night that meal planning for October was going to be a CINCH because I had all these new recipes to try.  Yay!


The second thing we did was kickoff the #hardmanhalloweencountdown by going to Gardner Village for Witchfest. {Slight change in original plans}  It was so much fun and also quite tiring.  We got to see witches, get glittery face paint {my {E} wouldn’t do it}, SHOP, eat chocolatey treats, and watch these cute cousins dance.  We went to dinner afterwards and around 7:45 a sea of men/boys in white shirts were storming our Applebees!  My sweet niece kept saying, “Look at all the white shirts! What is going on?!” {They were all coming from the Priesthood session of General Conference}




The last thing we did was hang out at Grandma’s house.  We crafted, listened to Conference, had a tea party {Grandma’s specialty of chocolate milk+cream}, played with Play Dough, jumped on the trampoline, built train tracks with cousins, and finished with making Halloween Cookies.  It was a complete joy to watch {E} stand up at the counter with my Mom, both of them holding her light blue hand mixer, while oohing and aahing over the creamy cookie dough.





Memories like these give endurance and eternal perspective as I headed home to more laundry, more meal preparing, and more every day life.


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