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Fall Visiting Teaching

I went visiting teaching last week.  I KNOW! Way before the end of the month.  I really couldn’t believe we got it worked out either.

My visiting teaching partner and I like to take a little something to the sweet women we get to talk with // help out // laugh with // share a spiritual message. It’s usually a treat with a cute tag.  Most of the time we go visit Marci’s blog {she and I are on first name basis…even though she has no idea who I am. ha!} and borrow one of her designs.  However this month I decided to stretch my creative bones and make a simple tag myself.  I recently started practicing my graphic design love in Adobe Illustrator instead of Microsoft Word.  So I’m always looking for a little project to help me get more and more familiar with the program.


I paired my cute creation with a Pumpkin Spice quick bread mix {one of my favorite fall treats}.

If you have yet to do your visiting teaching, you can download the tag here.

If you want a “Happy Fall!” tag for something besides visiting teaching {surprise neighbor gift // fun treat for Grandma // hostess gift for a fall party} you can download that tag here.

Happy Fall!!

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