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Don’t Be Scared of Personal Progress

I couldn’t let Halloween go by without giving my sweet Young Women a treat!  And it was a perfect opportunity to encourage them to work on their Personal Progress.

IMG_7130 - Version 2.jpg

These are a classic Halloween treat!  If you haven’t made them before here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tootsie Pops
  • Tissues
  • Ribbon/Baker’s Twine
  • Tag {you can get the link for the one I made below}
  • Black Marker

Place the Tootsie Pop in the middle of the tissue.  Pull the tissue down around the sucker and twist once.  String your tag on the ribbon and then tightly knot it just below the sucker.  Lastly, draw your ghost face on with a black marker.  Don’t use too much ink or else the tissue will disintegrate {not good}.

The girls thought it was cute & tasty!

I made my tags in a light blue because it matched the baker’s twine I had on hand, but I’ve included an orange and purple version for a more Halloween-y look.

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