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Halloween Dinner

This weekend we enjoyed one of my favorite #hardmanhalloweencountdown activities.

Halloween Dinner!


I love this tradition because I know it’s something my sweet family will remember.  Food has a special way of creating lasting, meaningful memories.

I also love all of the planning, preparation, and creativity I get to do.

I came up with a few of my own ideas and got a few from this year’s Halloween issue of Taste of Home.  Here’s what was on the menu:


{E} thought the face on the pitcher was “so funny!”.  We played the Purple People Eater song three times and she just laughed and danced in her seat.  We made the juice using grape juice and Sprite. Easy peasy and delicious.


The easiest part of the meal was the Witch Hat Rolls. They are just crescent rolls with a rolled bottom and curved tip. The Ghostly Mashed Potatoes were served via piping bag and adorned with a cheesy face.


The Vampire Cake was a little bit of me and little bit of the Taste of Home magazine.




I used the magazine’s idea of dusting an image on with cocoa, but instead of their idea of an outline of a bat I decided to write “BITE ME”.  I used their chocolate frosting recipe…it was incredible. It was more like a creamy fudge than frosting.  And I decided to use a red cake mix. I loved how it turned out and tasted.

If you are having a Halloween Dinner and put it on social media, make sure you use #halloweendinner.  I want to see what you do and start thinking about next year’s frightful feast!


{E} sinking her teeth into that tasty cake!

Oh and hair clips are her new favorite thing.

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