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Halloween 2016

Our Halloween was terrific.  It was definitely different than in years past.  A child with any opinion/voice will change everything.  Sometimes it’s wonderful and sometimes it’s difficult.

We went up north for our families’ traditional Halloween parties.  They are so nice to work around us and make sure both are during the same weekend.  I was so excited to debut {E}’s costume.  When John and I got married I kept our first Halloween costume a secret {not sure why?} but since then I have always kept it under wraps because I love everyone’s reactions when we show up.

This year we decided to be some of {E}’s favorite T.V. time peeps:  Abby Cadabby, Zoe, & Ernie from Sesame Street.


I was kind of bummed that not many people knew who we were.  Nevertheless, {E} was TOO cute and stole the show {along with Best Costume at the Kimber party}.  Putting her costume together was so much fun and I’m glad she’ll get to keep most of it and wear again and again {probably not altogether though}.




So we spent the weekend with our faces painted, eating lots of yummy and spooky food, playing Pumpkin Punch Out // Bean Bag Toss // Mummy Wrap // Ping Pong Ball Toss, carving pumpkins, doing Halloween crafts, and loving on our family.  {E} is still talking about everyone nearly a week later {especially “Gandma” & “Pa”}.






I love Halloween so much and was sad to see October go.  I told John that I need a Halloween equivalent to the song “I Cried the Day I Took Down the Tree”. Haha!

I’m already looking forward to next year and all the fun we’ll have again.

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