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Last Minute Halloween Costume

I finished all of our Halloween costumes earlier this week {I LOVE semi-homemade costumes}.  I am relieved to say that {E} will wear what I’ve made.  I was having nightmares about doing all this work and her just tearing everything off of herself. John and I are still deciding if we want to take {E}… Continue reading Last Minute Halloween Costume

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Personal “Progress”ive Dinner

I actually had an original, creative idea!  This does not happen often {and someone probably already thought of it…but I didn’t get it from anywhere except my own brain, yay!}. For Young Women’s I came up with the idea to have a Personal “Progress”ive Dinner!  Get it?  Personal Progress + Progressive Dinner = Personal “Progress”ive… Continue reading Personal “Progress”ive Dinner

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{30 Things} Day 10

{30 Things} My Sweet Children Should Know About Me Day 10 – Describe your most embarrassing moment.   Hmmmm…this question is always hard for me.  I think I truly block out my embarrassing moments because they could ruin me. Ha!  Whenever someone asks me about this I can’t think of anything…and it’s not because I… Continue reading {30 Things} Day 10